New Open Access Model for ICPS: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new model?

  • All ICPS papers, including the complete backfile of previously published papers, will be made Open Access (OA) as of January 1, 2024 and all new ICPS papers published in the ACM Digital Library will automatically be made OA from that date.
  • For conferences that are published in the new model, no production fees or optional OA fees will be charged to organizers. Conferences that are already beyond this stage, or for which the CFP will be issued prior to January 1, will follow the current model for ICPS.
  • In the new model, many authors will be able to publish their papers OA at no charge, but some authors will be required to pay an article processing charge (APC).
  • Full details of the new model, including applicable APCs, are provided here.

When will the new model be implemented?

The new Open Access (OA) publishing model for ICPS will apply to all conferences for which the formal Call for Papers is posted on the conference website on or after January 1, 2024. Full details of the new model are provided here.

I am the organizer of a conference, and plan to apply for publication in ICPS. Where can I find further information on how the changes may affect my conference planning?

Please refer to the detailed FAQs for Conference Organizers.

I am the author of a paper that I plan to submit to an ICPS conference. Where can I find further information on how the changes may affect my publishing plans?

Please refer to the detailed FAQs for Conference Authors.

Why is ACM changing to an Open Access publishing model for ICPS?

The change to an Open Access (OA) model for ICPS is a major step on ACM’s journey toward fully OA publication of all content on the ACM Digital Library (DL). This is a precursor to ACM’s comprehensive shift to OA for its entire conference and journals program, which we expect to complete by December 2025. Our rationale for the “OA flip” is as follows: 

  • The computer science community has expressed overwhelming support for open access to research publications.
  • According to ACM’s publication data, OA articles are downloaded and cited roughly 70% more frequently, on average, than those behind a paywall, and so this is a significant benefit for individual authors and for computer science research in general.
  • The OA transition is an important part of ACM’s response to government mandates requiring open publication of the results of taxpayer-supported research.
  • A significant (and increasing) proportion of ICPS authors will be covered by their institution’s membership of the ACM Open program, and therefore will not have to pay article processing charges (APCs).

ACM will be the first major computer science publisher transitioning to a fully OA model for all its research publications, and we expect others to follow.

If I have questions or concerns about the new model, how should I contact ACM?

We recognize that the forthcoming change in the publishing model for ICPS may initially add some complexity and uncertainty to your conference planning process. If you have any questions, or are in any doubt as to what steps you need to take, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected].